How to Meal Plan in Advance with Reusable Containers

Being a parent can be difficult for a number of reasons – not only are you responsible for raising and taking care of your kids, making sure they do well at school, treat people well and are developing at the same rate as their peers, but you need to bathe, clean and feed them!  Making lunches each morning can be a chore when your children are screaming, kicking and refusing to get out of bed!


That is why meal planning is essential to success. We recommend taking the time each evening when the kids go to bed to plan their lunches ahead using sealable and waterproof containers.  A lot of moms even do their entire meal plans for the week on Sunday including lunches and dinners so that they have the week free to do other chores.  I was never a fan of the idea of planning ahead until I started a new diet called the 21 day fix in which the premise is the use containers to lose weight so you don’t have to calorie count. By using the 21 day fix containers in various sizes, I was able to learn about portion control and also save time for myself throughout the week.  There are different colored containers depending on what you want to achieve with your weight loss.  You’ll use a purple container to fill up fruit, a green container for vegetables and a red container for proteins.  You can use chopped fruit and vegetables alongside a protein full dip made of seasoning and Greek yogurt.

There are other environmental benefits as well in using reusable containers because you reduce waste and save money in the end on packaging and on the temptation to buy meals and snacks on the go.  You’ll also save time by doing it all at once and be less stressed throughout the week.  I own several sets of the 21 day fix containers and then a large box of different reusable take away trays so that I can pack and freeze the meals for use in the future. Make sure to invest in containers that are BPA free and also ones that are water and leak proof so your kids don’t spill or make a mess at school!  You also want to be able to freeze the containers so you can pull out the meals as necessary throughout the week.

Well, there you have it! Our tips on why meal planning and using containers can help save you time, money and energy! Let us know what your favorite recipes are to make in advance. Until next time. 🙂